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We allow every user to track their first class completely free! And our integration with is also completely free to use.

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We use a strategy which has been proven to work.

Since the site checks the course catalog frequently, we have a very high success rate for students finding seats in their classes. Getting into your class really is just a matter of persistence!

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The site is now integrated with the well known site, which can be used to find how your fellow students rate the easiness, helpfulness, clarity, and more of your potential college professors!

Now you can sort your classes by easiness! Ratings for your professors will be automatically listed along with other class info in your searches and on your dashboard.

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We will alert you the minute our servers find an open seat to get you into your class as quickly as possible.

You have the option to be contacted by text message (SMS), email, phone, or all of the above!

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This service was developed and is still maintained & operated to this day by an ASU student just like you!

The site has been kept free-to-use since its launch in 2009 in order to help the ASU student population as much as possible!

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